Creativity, gratefulness, integrity, ambition, and joy

I’m a creative person, I love building new things, and I have a high-risk tolerance. I never set out to become an entrepreneur but here I am, loving every minute of it. I believe in loving what you’re doing and waking up every morning super stoked to start your day. I also believe it’s important to know when to move on and start something new. Almost every thing and every experience has a shelf life.

My life’s purpose is to live consciously & courageously; to create opportunities for myself as well as for others. Opportunities that give back, and are socially and environmentally responsible. The driving forces in life that are most important to me are creativity, gratefulness, integrity, ambition, and joy. I try to infuse those core values into all areas of my life whether it’s my career, my family & friends, or my own personal health and wellness. My personal philosophy is based on something that someone once told me as a teenager, “Dream great dreams, then make them come true”. I now coach others to do the same, so if you’re interested in turing your dreams into reality please fill out the form on my contact page. I would love to work with you, to help build the life you want and deserve!

Kelsey Matheson