The Ups & Downs of Week 1

The Ups & Downs of Week 1

The Ups & Downs of Week 1

The first week of my six month challenge was interesting. Some things I found surprisingly easy, I noticed behaviours I didn’t expect (from myself as well as from others), and I recognized patterns that I desperately need to break.

As soon as I posted on Facebook that I was doing this challenge the support I received was overwhelming, but on the other hand the silence I received was very telling. My husband Scott and I had a date night on Day 1 of my challenge, and after seeing a movie we stopped by a local Jazz bar to listen to some music. I ordered myself a cran & soda and surprisingly didn’t crave anything stronger. Scott hasn’t had a drink in almost 10 years and he said to me, “It will be interesting so see how not drinking affects the people around you. Some will be super supportive and others will have a difficult time with it and not be receptive at all”. I hadn’t thought about how something like this would affect those around me. It’s something I’m doing for myself but Scott’s right, people have a hard time with change and I’m sure for some it ends up being a reflection of their own lifestyle choices. The majority of my friends and family have been nothing but supportive and encouraging, so that’s what I’ll focus on. Haters gonna hate. This seems silly to hate on but there’s nothing I can do to stop that.

The first two days I found myself craving chocolate in the evening. I needed some sort of fix to fill the void of the glass of wine or two I’d enjoy at the end of the day. Now, that being said I feel compelled to mention that I wasn’t drinking every day and I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but it seemed very obvious to me that I was craving sugar and needed something that offered instant gratification.

As it happened the first week of this challenge ended up being one of the most stressful weeks I’ve experienced in a very long time. We are in the middle of getting our house ready to put on the market and ended up with a leak that we initially thought would be a fairly easy fix. The fix was anything but easy and we ended up in unanticipated renovation Hell. When we received the estimate it ended up being twice as much as we initially thought and I burst into tears when I read the quote. To top it all off on Day 5 my hives came back with a vengeance from head to toe. Boy was the Universe testing me!

On Day 7 I travelled to Japan for work and when I fly to Japan I’m fortunate enough to enjoy the hospitality of business class. I think this was the most difficult moment for me during the entire week – to turn down a glass of wine after a crazy hard week and before a long ass flight. A glass of champagne is offered before the flight takes off, a cocktail or glass of wine is served with mixed nuts after we reach cruising altitude, and more wine during the dinner service. I’m thinking this could be the moment I give in as I watch the flight attendant walk towards me with her tray of drinks. When she asks me if I’d like a glass of champagne I say “no thank you”, and like a switch, I was fine for the rest of the flight. I politely refused the pre-flight drink and then ordered tea and water for the duration of my journey. That was my only white-knuckle moment. I anticipated it being a lot more difficult.

Where I felt defeated in the challenge however, was in creating and building more intimacy with my husband. I’m covered in hives and want to scratch my skin off, so that doesn’t help. My Mother was staying with us last week, so that hinders things a bit. Plus our stress levels were off the charts, so we ended up fighting at one point. Even though I believe those excuses are valid, they are still excuses and I’m acknowledging that this is habitual. It has become routine to NOT consciously focus time and energy towards showing my husband how much I adore him.

Yoga every damn day, check!

No alcohol for a week, check!

More intimacy with my man….needs more work! Sorry baby. I’ll make it up to you.



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